Korach 5776-2016

“Givers and Takers"

The Netziv states that the entire world is divided up between givers and takers. Rabbi Filber shows the great distinction between Moses, the giver, and Korach, the taker.

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Korach 5774-2014

“Aaron Stops the Plague”

Why does Aaron, the High Priest, risk his life to save many thousands of rebellious and undeserving Israelites, by using the firepans and incense to stop the Angel of Death from destroying the unworthy people?

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Chukat 5767-2007

"The Excesses of Rationality"

Parashat Chukat, which features the obtuse law of the Red Heifer, comes hard on the heels of Parashat Korach, the rebellion of Korach and his cohorts. The Midrash portrays at least part of Korach's rebellion as being due to his demand that everything be understood and completely rational. Chukat comes to teach that it is not the opinion of the people that determines the truth of Judaism, but rather the opinion of G-d, Torah and Moses--even though it may not be rational, such as the Red Heifer.

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