Mikeitz 5778-2017

“Returning the Stolen Goblet to Joseph”

Returning the stolen goblet to Joseph raises many fascinating Jewish legal questions regarding returning lost and stolen objects to non-Jews.

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Matot 5774-2014

Hakarat HaTov: Expressing Appreciation”

It is important to express gratitude for all the myriad kindnesses that are bestowed upon us. It is a lesson that Moses apparently learned well.

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B’shalach 5766-2006

"The Bones of Joseph "

With the more than 2 1/2 million people waiting to be rescued, and thousands of logistical details to review, Moses diverts his attention from the people, to personally attend to the removal and transport of the bones of Joseph from Egypt to Canaan. From this act of unconditional love performed by Moses our leader, our commentators derive many important lessons regarding effective leadership and establishing proper priorities in life.

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Mishpatim 5765-2005

"The Conundrum of Charity--Who Benefits More?"

According to many commentators, parashat Mishpatim contains the source of the biblical commandment of gemilut chasadim--the requirement to render kindness to the needy. Caring for the poor and the needy is not easy, but it could turn out to be a great opportunity for blessing and for growth.

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