Sukkot-Hoshana Rabbah 5768-2007

"The Festival of Sukkot Comes to a Dramatic Close"

The festival of Hoshanah Rabbah, which concludes the Sukkot holiday, is often considered a minor observance, and frequently falls between the cracks. It is however a most significant day in which all of humankind is judged. It is therefore filled with meaningful rituals and traditions that are key to fully appreciating the true significance of this important holiday.

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Mishpatim 5763-2003

"Justice! Justice!"

The Torah introduces revolutionary ideas in its code of Jewish civil and criminal jurisprudence. Among these concepts is the prohibition against double jeopardy, the prohibition against favoring a defendant because he/she is wealthy or poor, good or evil. Judgement must be rendered based only on the actual merits of a case and nothing else.

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