Korach 5778-2018

“Where Did Korach Go Wrong?”

Korach, who was reputed to be a very wise man, failed to understand that the leadership role that Moses played was not based on power, but was derived from being a devoted mentor and a master teacher.

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B’ha’a’lot’cha 5778-2018

“The Seventy Elders: The Challenge of Jewish Leadership”

The seventy elders chosen by Moses to serve the people were well-known for protecting the people from harm, by allowing themselves to be beaten instead of beating the Israelites.

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Bamidbar 5774-2014

“Counting the Jews, Again!”

For the third time in a little over a year, the Al-mighty commands that a census be taken of the Jewish People. Why the frequency, and for what purpose?

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Va’eira 5768-2007

"Moses, the Exalted Leader"

Moses, the greatest prophet of Israel, comes to his position of leadership through much pain and profound challenge. Without charisma, and barely qualifying as a speaker, he teaches that leadership is based on moral courage and uncompromising devotion to truth.

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