Bamidbar 5780-2020

"Jewish Continuity through Family Structure”
(Updated and revised from Bamidbar 5761-2001)

G-d’s profound love for the Jewish people impels Him to continually count them, as one who counts a prized possession or money. Since families are the glue, the cement, of society, G-d set the ancient Israelites in an exacting tribal and familial structure in the wilderness. However, as the contemporary nuclear family erodes, the devastating breakdown of society is not far behind. We pray that G-d will soon restore all people to their proper tents, and especially the Jews to their tribes and to their familial orderliness, so that we, and all of humankind, may be strengthened and soon redeemed.

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Bamidbar-Shavuot 5773-2013

"The Invaluable Legacy of the Ancient Camp of Israel"

The counting of the People of Israel and the establishment of the tribal camps is one of the most important achievements in the long history of Judaism.

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Balak 5764-2004

"How Goodly are Your Tents O' Jacob?"

Targum Jonathan, the Aramaic translation of the Torah, says that Bilaam saw the schools of the Jewish people and was moved to say: "How goodly are your tents O' Jacob?" The "number one" priority in Jewish life is to ensure that committed Jews remain committed. There is no better way of ensuring that commitment, than by providing outstanding intensive Jewish education for our children. If we fail to do so, then our Jewish future is in jeopardy.

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Mikeitz 5762-2001

"A Dysfunctional Family becomes Functional"

The saga of Joseph and his family is fundamentally the story of an immature young man who must outgrow his narcissism and self-absorption. It is the story of the assimilationist, Joseph, who shaves off his beard, changes his clothes, is given an Egyptian name and an Egyptian wife. But in the end, Joseph stands up and declares: "I am Joseph, I'm not an Egyptian, I'm not an assimilator. Is my father still alive?" He answers with a resounding, "Yes, my father is alive. I am Joseph."

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Bamidbar 5761-2001

"Continuity Through Family Structure"

G-d loves the Jewish people so much that He continually counts them like one counts a prized possession or money. The Jewish family is the glue, the cement of Jewish life. However, as the nuclear family erodes, the devastating breakdown of Jewish life is not far behind.

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