Bereshith 5767-2006

"Pardes--the Four Levels of Understanding Torah"

The weekly parasha, Bereishith, marks the renewal of the Torah reading cycle and exposes the true depths of understanding that is to be found in the study of Torah. To say that it contains a "paradise" of knowledge and understanding that is replete with Divine sparks of wisdom is in no way an exaggeration or hyperbole.

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Devarim 5763-2003

"The Gentle Reproof"

The book of Devarim records the words that were spoken by Moses in the last five weeks of his life, given as a last will and testament to his beloved people. In this parasha, Moses provides an example of how reproof should be given by alluding to the people indirectly, rather than announcing the exact sins that were committed. We may indeed learn from Moses how to give effective reproof with great gentleness.

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