Kee Tavo 5777-2017

“The Choice Parts to G-d”

From the Bikkurim, the gift of the first-born fruits brought to the Temple, we learn that everything done for the sake of Heaven needs to be done in the most beautiful and elegant manner.

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Behar 5776-2016

“Bernie Sanders Meets Parashat Behar"

Among many important themes, parashat B'ha'a'lot'cha contains two fascinating stories about the Israelites in the wilderness. Both stories can be seen as a metaphor for contemporary Jewish life: Jews who feel that their "souls are dried up" and that Judaism has little or nothing to say to them, and Jews who love their Judaism and do not want to miss out on the wonderful benefits of living a full Jewish life.

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Sukkot 5771-2010

“A Turning Point for Humankind”

As much as Sukkot is a nature-oriented celebration, it is much more a G-d-centered festival, and therein lies the essential revolutionariness of Sukkot.

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