Passover II 5773-2013

“The Final Days of Passover: A Call For Modesty in Jewish Life”

When Moses and the people of Israel sang praises to G-d as they crossed the Red Sea, the Al-mighty chose to embrace the Israelites and betroth them despite the fact that they were wretched and filthy from the enslavement in Egypt.

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Re’eh 5768-2008

"A Tale of Two Mountains"

In parashat Re'eh, we encounter the two mountains that surround the city of Shechem (Nablus), Gerizim and Ebal. Eventually, it was on Mount Gerizim that blessings were recited while the curses were pronounced on Mount Ebal. G-d's message, however, is communicated not only through the blessings and the curses, but through the very nature of the mountains themselves.

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