Pinchas 5768-2008

"The Zealotry of Pinchas as seen through the Midrash"

The vast majority of the people of Israel rejected Pinchas for his act of zealotry when he stabbed Zimri and Cozbi as they performed an act of public harlotry. Pinchas' life of hardship is revealed to us through the extensive Midrash cited by the great scholar Eliyahu Kitov.

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Emor 5764-2004

"The Blasphemer - A Midrashic View"

One of the highlights of parashat Emor is the blasphemer, the son of an Israelite woman and an Egyptian father who, as a result of a quarrel, blasphemes in the name of G-d. The blasphemer is ultimately put to death. This harsh sentence is difficult to understand. The Midrash, however, fills in the details, explaining what the blasphemer did, linking his crime to his past.

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