Shemot 5770-2010

"In Those Days, In These Times"

In a single generation, unbridled adulation for Joseph turns into the enslavement of the entire Jewish people. How did it happen? Are Jews possibly facing a similar future in North America today?

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Kee Tavo 5769-2009

"Stretch Those Face Muscles!"

When the first fruits were harvested, they were brought by the farmers to Jerusalem with great fanfare and celebration. The Bikurim ritual teaches us a fundamental life principle of expressing gratitude and joy for the gifts that G-d bestows upon us. How unfortunate it is that so many who live in this most prosperous of times, have lost the ability to smile, to feel happy and to express proper gratitude for all the goodness in our lives.

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Noah 5769-2008

"Nimrod and the Financial Meltdown"

The enigmatic Biblical figure, Nimrod, who is described in the Bible as a "mighty hunter before G-d," seems to be more than just a historic personage of biblical vintage. It could very well be that Nimrod appears in all civilizations and throughout the ages as the prototype of the wily deceiver who seeks to take advantage of the weak. Nimrod, or the likes of Nimrod, may even have been involved in the recent financial meltdown that the worldwide economy is presently experiencing.

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