Mishpatim 5770-2010

"The Blessing of Health"

In this week's parasha, G-d promises to remove illness from our midst and to fill the number of our days. Could it be that this incredible promise is being fulfilled in our own lifetimes?

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Metzorah 5768-2008

"Modesty and Humility for All"

The Torah requires a homeowner who suspects that his house is afflicted with the disease tzah'rah'aht to call the Kohen and tell him, "It seems to me as if there is an affliction in the house." Our rabbis say that even if the homeowner is a scholar who knows for certain that the affliction is unquestionably tzah'rah'aht, the homeowner must not take it upon himself to say so definitively. There is much to be learned from this humble and modest approach.

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