Vayechi 5781-2021

“Revealing the Time of the Coming of the End of Days”
(Updated and revised from parashat Vayechi 5761-2001)

Parashat Vayechi is the only Torah parasha that has no empty spaces between the beginning of the new parasha and the end of the previous week's parasha. Vayechi is consequently considered a "sealed" parasha. The rabbis say that the reason the parasha is sealed is because Jacob wished to reveal when the end of days would be--when the Messiah would arrive. G-d, however, did not agree that Jacob should reveal this information. The frequent contemporary attempts to calculate the Messiah’s arrival raises many questions. The Malbim offers an engaging response.

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Vayechi 5762-2001

"The Debate: Burial in the Land of Israel"

In parashat Vayechi, both Jacob and Joseph request to be buried in the land of Israel rather than in Egypt. The Midrash Rabbah records a major debate between the sages regarding whether being buried in the land of Israel for someone who lived in galut is good or bad. The Abarbanel seems to assert that only those people who lived righteous lives outside of Israel are entitled to be buried in Israel, otherwise their bodies defile the land.

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