Shemot 5776-2016

"By What Right Does Moses Kill The Egyptian?”

The commentators are perplexed by Moses’ extremely aggressive response to the Egyptian who was beating the Hebrew. By what authority did Moses take the life of the Egyptian?

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Vayishlach 5773-2012

"Gid Ha’nasheh: The Sinew of the Thigh"

Why are Jews forbidden to eat "Gid Ha’nasheh,” the sinew of the thigh?

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Vayigash 5766-2006

"And Judah Approached"

In parashat Vayigash, scripture tells us that Judah approached "him," probably meaning Joseph. Our commentators struggle to understand the meaning of the word "Va'yee'gash." Whatever the meaning of the word, the context of the biblical story calls on every person to assume the mantle of courage and leadership, and to step in where necessary to show a sense of responsibility toward all Jews.

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Vayeitzei 5763-2002

"The Transformation of Jacob"

At first glance, Jacob appears to be a congenital deceiver. He takes the birthright from his brother then steals Esau's blessing. Even Isaac describes the taking of the blessing by Jacob as an act of deception. Jacob however undergoes a transformation in which he realizes that evil cannot be deceived, but must be confronted directly. For this reason, Jacob is to be regarded as a particularly exalted figure, for teaching humankind how one is to deal with one's own shortcomings.

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