Toledot 5776-2015

"Rebecca Inquires of G-d"

The Torah reports that Rebecca seeks an answer for her terrible pains of pregnancy by inquiring of G-d. Who does Rebecca seek and what does she find?

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Vayakhel-Pekudei 5770-2010

"Heaven Helps Those Who Help Themselves"

The biblical verse announcing the completion of the building of the Tabernacle describes the Tabernacle as if it had erected itself, and also that it had been erected by the people. This conflict is resolved by the rabbinic interpretation, which concludes that the Al-mighty helped the people build the complex structure, but because of the people's uncommon devotion, attributed the entire building to the people.

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Shelach 5768-2008

"We Were like Grasshoppers in Our Eyes"

There is grave danger in the Jewish people seeing themselves as helpless and powerless. Very often this self-perception is a self-fulfilling reality. The ancient scouts saw themselves as pygmies and grasshoppers and were perceived by others as impotent and weak. We dare not allow that to happen to our generation. Strong leadership depends upon our faith in G-d and own self-confidence and self-esteem.

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