Balak 5770-2010

"A Nation that Dwells Alone"

There are those who argue that the concept of a nation that dwells alone is a very dangerous and harmful model. On the other hand, the nation that dwells alone is a truly special nation, and that specialness is a great blessing and privilege. When the nations of the world start expecting less of us, then we are in trouble.

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Re’eh 5769-2009

"The Chosen People–Again!"

Four times the Torah reminds the Jewish people that they are a special treasure to G-d. What does this idea mean, and what do the people need to do to safeguard their special status with G-d?

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Balak 5765-2005

"Bilaam, Prophet to the Nations"

The Midrash says that G-d gave the gentile nations a prophet of the stature of Bilaam so that the nations would not be able to say, "If we had a prophet, we would be as righteous as Israel." Instead of leading his people to good, Bilaam led the people to evil and corruption. But is it truly Bilaam and others like him who fail, or is it the failure of the Jews to provide a proper role model?

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