Eikev 5777-2017

“Stages of Religious Growth”

Moses presents the people an educational and spiritual “journey” of spiritual growth, from reverence of G-d, to loving Him, and, ultimately, uniting one’s soul with the sanctity of G-d’s Divine Presence.

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Matot 5768-2008

"Striving for Refined Speech"

In this week's parasha, parashat Matot, we learn of the injunction against profane speech. It is from here that we learn not only to avoid negative speech, but to always strive to make our speech as refined as possible.

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Kee Teitzei 5764-2004

"The Torah's 'Secret' for Longevity"

The Torah contains three Mitzvot whose reward is the lengthening of days. The first, found in the Ten Commandments, is honoring one's father and mother. The second, found in parashat Kee Teitzei is known as shiluach hakahn, sending away the mother bird from the nest when taking the chicks or the eggs. The third, which is also found in Kee Teitzei, concerns honesty in business--that one may not possess smaller or larger weights, or smaller or larger measures. According to the Talmud, the first question that the heavenly tribunal asks the deceased is, "Did you conduct your business honestly?" Unfortunately, even in the religiously observant world, ethical behavior in business has not received the emphasis or attention that it merits.

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