Vayikra 5777-2017

“רֵיחַ נִיחוֹחַ --A Sweet Savor unto the L-rd”

Does G-d really need to smell the “sweet savor” of the sacrifices in order to be appeased?

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Tzav 5776-2016

“Dressing Properly for Special Occasions”

The Kohanim (priests) are required to change their priestly garments when performing menial parts of the service, such as removing the ashes from the altar. Tradition teaches us to respect our garments and to dress properly for each occasion

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Tzav 5770-2010

"The Command"

Only with respect to the Olah, the burnt offering, does the Torah use the term "Tzav," command, rather than "say" or "speak." What is it about the burnt offering and the priests' relationship to it that requires the priests to be commanded to do this particular service properly and expeditiously?

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Vayikra 5764-2004

"Insights for the Contemporary Soul from Ancient 'Primitive' Rituals"

As we begin Vayikra, the book of the Torah pertaining to the priestly service and the Temple sacrifices, we see how relevant these ancient laws are to our lives, even in contemporary times. The mandatory sacrifice brought after an unintentional sin, demonstrates that the root to repentance is awakening from apathy.

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