Va’etchanan 5777-2017

“The Power of Prayer”

Moses’ prayers were able to make the heavens tremble, but there is nothing more powerful than the prayers that emanate from a broken heart.

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Passover II 5776-2016

“The Final Days of Passover: Love and Hope"

The final days of Passover are a precursor to the “End of Days.” They reflect the hope that the Messianic days are at hand, when peace will prevail on earth and when Israel’s special love relationship with G-d Al-mighty will be fully restored.

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Shavuot 5765-2005

"Abba's Final Shavuot"

My father, Moshe Buchwald taught us how to appreciate and beautify the holidays. Of all the holidays, Shavuot was the most engaging of all.

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