Vayechi 5783-2022

“How Important is Timing?”
(updated and revised from Vayechi 5763-2002)

When blessing his children, Jacob says of Reuben that he has all the natural advantages of the firstborn child in rank and in power. Jacob then retreats suddenly, declaring that Reuben is impetuous like water and therefore cannot be the foremost. As we study the actions, deeds and words of Reuben, we find a good person--good-hearted and well-intentioned. Reuben is always ready to do the right thing. Unfortunately, his timing is off, intending to do the right thing, but, unfortunately, at the wrong time. As important as actions and words are, timing is just as critical.

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Vayechi 5776-2015

“Jacob Maintains a Bitter Grudge Against Simeon and Levi”

Why does the patriarch Jacob seem to be more angry with Simeon and Levi at the end of his life, than when they attacked and killed all the men of Shechem?

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Chayei Sarah 5774-2013

"Yitzchak Establishes a Home with His New Wife"

The betrothal of Isaac and Rebecca can serve as a most valuable case study for finding a mate and establishing a successful home environment.

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Balak 5772-2012

“Balaam, the Sorcerer, Becomes a Prophet”

When Balaam comes to curse the People of Israel, he arrives as a sorcerer. By the time he departs, he is transformed by G-d into a prophet!

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Kee Tavo 5771-2011

“The Challenge of Bountifulness”

Before threatening the people of Israel with the dire consequences of sin, G-d always blesses them with blessings that will accrue to the nation for faithfully fulfilling His commandments. Is the blessing of abundance truly a blessing, or is intended to be a challenge?

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