Vayishlach 5775-2014

“She Called His Name ‘Ben Oni’”

As Rachel’s life ebbs from her during the birth of her second son, she calls the child “Ben Oni.” Jacob rejects the name, and calls the child “Binyamin.” What is the difference in the meanings of the names?

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Vayishlach 5771-2010

“The Power of a Vow”

After 22 years, Jacob returns to Beth-El, the scene of his memorable “ladder” dream, where he had vowed (Genesis 28:20-22), that Beth-El would become the site of G-d’s house. Many commentators are troubled by Jacob’s failure to discharge his obligation, or to even acknowledge his commitment.

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Lech Lecha 5771-2010

“Abram Prays for Others”

The Talmud states that those who invoke G-d’s compassion for their neighbors, and who are in need of a similar response, are answered first. In this week’s parasha, we find two instances where the commentaries indicate that Abram prayed for others.

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