Bereshith 5776-2015

“Seth--Adam and Eve’s Little-Known Son”

While the story of Cain and Abel is well-known, few are aware that Adam and Eve had a third child, named Seth. It is Seth, who plays the decisive role in the perpetuation of humankind.

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Emor 5770-2010

"Striving For Perfection"

Much of parashat Emor speaks of holiness, faultlessness, striving for perfection and the proper observance of the holy days. Have we lost the desire to reach perfection in the modern world?

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Bereshith 5769-2008

"The Development of Civilization as Recorded in Genesis"

The Torah is primarily a record of the theological developments and accomplishments of humankind. Only in an indirect manner does the Torah teach about cultural developments and the evolving skills of society. While it is related almost coincidently, the knowledge found in the Torah regarding ancient civilization is invaluable

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Vayikra 5767-2007

"Balancing Heart and Mind"

There is almost nothing more exacting in Jewish law and life than the procedures that are required when offering sacrifices. And yet, the Torah emphasizes the need to give of one's inner self, one's heart, in order to properly complement the precision that is so vital to proper fulfillment of the sacrificial process.

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Bereshith 5764-2003

"The Book of Humankind"

In an examination of a single verse in the first parasha of the Torah, a wealth of meaning is to be found. This "Book," which is in some ways the history of all human, unites the Jewish people and humanity. Alongside the idea that all people stem from one source, there is an allusion to the book that every person writes during the collection of years that is called life. The offspring of the first human, and those of every subsequent human being, are not just his/her physical progeny, but the legacy that he/she leaves to humankind.

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Bereshith 5763-2002

"Being Moral in an Increasingly Immoral Environment"

The early chapters of Genesis inform us of the incredible creativity of the descendants of Cain. The great-grandchildren of the world's first murderer become the builders, the ranchers, the musicians and the forgers of metal implements of the ancient world. It is as if the Bible is informing us that the great creative forces emerge from the violent person. What exactly is the message that the Torah is trying to convey?

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