Haazinu 5783-2022

“The Final Song”
(updated and revised from Haazinu 1999-5759)

The final song of Moses is intended to help the Jewish people remember the days of yore. The past is truly vital for Israel, as there is much to be learned from previous generations. Much pain and suffering can be avoided if only the future is approached through the wisdom of the past.

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Vayeilech/Yom Kippur 5783-2022

“Difficult Transitions”
(Updated and revised from Vayeilech/Yom Kippur 5769-2008)

Transitions are always difficult. In parashat Vayeilech, we learn of the transfer of leadership from Moses to Joshua. In a Chassidic tale we learn about a Jewish feudal lord who had converted to Christianity, returning to the Jewish faith only moments before his death.

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Rosh Hashana 5783-2022

“Making Each Day Count”
(updated and revised from Rosh Hashana 5764-2003)

The High Holidays are a time to rendezvous with our Maker, to own-up to the sins that we have committed during the previous year, and to emerge anew, ready to serve G-d with vitality, freshness, and enthusiasm. What is the secret to living a life full of life?

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