Mishpatim 5782-2022

“Justice! Justice!”
(updated and revised from Mishpatim 5763-2003)

The Torah introduces revolutionary ideas in its code of Jewish civil and criminal jurisprudence. Among these concepts is the prohibition against double jeopardy, the prohibition against favoring a defendant who is wealthy or poor, good or evil. Judgment must be rendered on no other factors than the actual merits of the legal case.

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Yitro 5782-2022

“Proving” G-d’s Existence"
(updated and revised from Yitro 5763-2003)

While we like to speak of "proof" of G-d's existence, Judaism does not really encourage this course of intellectual exercise, simply because the "finite" human mind cannot possibly comprehend the "Infinite." But, while there may not be any "ultimate" proof of G-d's existence, there are surely many, many indications and abundant evidence. Indeed, a most persuasive case, from a variety of disciplines, can be made for G-d's existence.

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B’shalach 5782-2022

“Bringing G-d Home”
(updated and revised from B’shalach 5763-2003)

The Song of Moses crossing the Red Sea contains the well-known verse: "This is my G-d and I will praise Him, G-d of my fathers and I will exalt Him." If G-d is only the G-d of our fathers, the only thing we can do is put Him up on a pedestal and exalt Him. However, if we make G-d our G-d, we can bring Him home! We bring G-d home by building a personal relationship with G-d through study and reflection.

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Bo 5782-2022

“Rituals Work, Rituals Work!”
(updated and revised from Bo 5762-2002)

The prodigal child of the Haggadah asks, "Why do we need all these mitzvot and all the rituals?" The rituals of Judaism are vitally important; they are the flesh that covers the bones, and give substance and meaning to the words of our sacred texts. Without rituals we are practicing an eviscerated form of Judaism, "Play-Dough" or "Mother Goose" Judaism, if you will.

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