Learn more about and purchase some of the special simanim, the symbolic foods that are eaten on Rosh Hashana so you will be able to recite the special prayers and enjoy them as we welcome the Jewish New Year. To learn more about the customs and practices of Rosh Hashana, download NJOP’s Rosh Hashana eBook.

Another way to make Rosh Hashana and the New Year significant is to contemplate the importance of each moment and the enormous potential that it provides to each one of us to achieve our great potential. To explore this wonderful opportunity, read this enlightening analysis entitled “Making Each Day Count” from Rabbi Ephraim Z. Buchwald’s Torah message for Rosh Hashana 5783-2022. Out of respect for the Sabbath, please consider printing it on Friday afternoon if you plan to read it on Shabbat/Rosh Hashana holiday.