Spend some time this weekend remembering the heroism and selfless actions of so many on 9/11 and on the days and months that followed the horrific events that will live in infamy.

Sometimes, there are truly uplifting stories that emerge from otherwise horrific events like 9/11. The exceptional kindness and caring shown by the women of Stern College after 9/11 made lasting impressions upon many and drew on the beautiful adage contained at the very beginning of the second chapter of Pirkei Avot, Ethics of the Fathers. “Rabbi said: Which is the proper path that a man should choose for himself? Whatever is a credit to himself and earns him the esteem of fellow men.“

To learn more about how good deeds leave a lasting positive imprint upon others, print out both the first and second chapters of Ethics of the Fathers this afternoon and join thousands of fellow Jews around the globe who will be enjoying an uplifting experience and inspired discussions this Shabbat.