Hebrew Crash Courses on Zoom

Join NJOP for four great Hebrew classes on Zoom!

Sunday, February 5th at 7:15 pm EST on Zoom

One Day Hebrew Writing Crash Course

NJOP has taught over 260,000 Jews how to read the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.

Now, we want to teach YOU how to write it! NJOP’s Hebrew Writing Crash Course is the perfect follow-up to the Hebrew Reading Crash Course (HRCC).

This course is a one-time class, developed by NJOP and Florence Wiener, to give students the additional skill of Hebrew writing while reinforcing the reading skills they learned in HRCC.

You will learn to read and write over 130 useful words and phrases! Learning how to write Hebrew words will improve your reading skills and vocabulary. It’s fun! It’s easy!

And most of all, it’s the perfect follow-up!

The writing course is designed for students who know their letters and vowels, can read slowly and can decode words.

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Monday, January 23rd at 7:00 pm EST on Zoom

Level One Hebrew Reading

Join Larry Greenman, NJOP’s Assistant Director, for a Hebrew Reading Crash Course on Zoom.
Designed for Jews who have little or no background in Hebrew, and focuses on teaching the Hebrew alphabet and basic reading skills. You WILL leave the first class reading HEBREW words.
Five weekly 60 minute sessions with an additional (optional) Q & A session at the end of class.
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Begins Wednesday, January 25th at 12:30 pm EST on Zoom

Level One "Lunch and Learn" Hebrew Reading

For those looking for a daytime class, a second Level I course (see description above) is being offered this January, taught by Florence Wiener, NJOP’s renowned Hebrew Reading Specialist.

This will also be five weekly 60 minute sessions offered on Zoom with an additional (optional) Q & A session at the end of each class.

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Wednesday, February 1st at 7:00 pm EST on Zoom

Level Two Hebrew Reading

Join David Pine, NJOP’s volunteer teacher extraordinaire, for a Hebrew Reading Crash Course Level II on Zoom.
Level II is designed for a follow-up class for the “graduates” of the Level I Hebrew Reading Crash Course, who can recognize the Hebrew alphabet and wish to advance their Hebrew reading and comprehension skills.
Five weekly one hour sessions.
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High Holidays

Participate in one of our renowned, interactive High Holiday Beginners Service programs or workshops this holiday season.  We’ll help you host a program with our comprehensive materials and videos or find one to attend.

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Rosh Hoshana

The Jewish New Year starts with a celebration of the very creation of the world and a recognition of humankind’s relationship to the Creator.

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Yom Kippur

The High Holidays culminate with The Day of Atonement.
There is a mysticism in that almost all Jews recognize the holiness of the day.

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Browse our collection of High Holiday Jewish Treats, filled with interesting stories and articles about Jewish histories and traditions.

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