Hebrew Crash Courses on Zoom

Join NJOP for two great Hebrew classes on Zoom!

Monday, February 26th at 12:30 PM EST on Zoom

Shabbat-Themed Hebrew One Day Review

Join Florence Wiener for an amazing class focused on the reading and singing of the (Friday night) Shabbat prayers and hymns.
Topics include:
  • Candle Lighting
  • Shalom Aleichem (Song to welcome Shabbat)
  • Blessing the Children (and Grandchildren)
  • Friday Night Kiddush (Sanctification over wine)
  • Ha’Mo’tzee (Blessing over bread)
  • Birkat ha’Mazon (The Blessing at the Conclusion of the Meal)
  • And lots more
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Monday, March 4th at 12:30 pm EST on Zoom

"Lunch and Learn" Hebrew Reading Level I

Join Florence Wiener, NJOP’s renowned Hebrew Reading Specialist, for a special afternoon Hebrew class.

Designed for Jews who have little or no background in Hebrew, and focuses on teaching the Hebrew alphabet and basic reading skills. You will leave the first class reading Hebrew words.

Five weekly 60 minute sessions with an additional (optional) Q & A session at the end of class.

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The Jewish Sabbath has been called an “oasis in time.” This heavenly gift is a unique opportunity for spiritual and psychological renewal that comes every week!

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