Shemini-Yom HaShoah 5775-2015

“Yom HaShoah: Six Million–Minus One”

More than twenty years ago, Avi London wrote about being miraculously reunited with his long-lost sister who had been separated from her family for 50 years when she was a child in Nazi-occupied Poland.

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Shemini-Yom Hashoah 5769-2009

"Aaron's Response to Tragedy-a Lesson for Yom Hashoah"

On what should have been the most jubilant day of his life, Aaron suffers the tragic loss of two of his sons who bring a strange fire shortly after the Tabernacle is inaugurated. Despite these grievous losses, Aaron and his two remaining sons are determined to go on with the ceremony. It is the commitment to preserve Jewish life, and live as a Jew with great zeal and passion, as taught to us by the High Priest Aaron, that is, unquestionably, the most powerful and appropriate response to the Shoah.

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Shemini-Yom Hashoah 5767-2007

"Never Again!-Again!"

As Yom Hashoah is marked, we think about the slogan "Never Again" and our pledge to never allow the wholesale destruction of the Jewish People to take place again. Unfortunately, it is happening again--this time through a silent spiritual Holocaust.

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Yom Hashoah 5762-2002

"Reflections on the Holocaust"

America's Jews are walking away from Jewish life in record numbers. Part of the problem may be due to the fact that obsessing over the Holocaust is exacting a great price on American Jews.
If we are to stop the hemmorhaging of Jewish life in America, intensive, positive, joyous, Jewish education experiences must become a priority.

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