Bo 5779-2019

"Nothing Stands in the Way of Teshuva!"

Nothing stands in the way of Teshuva. Even wicked Pharaoh can repent.

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Tazria 5768-2008

"The Odd Ritual Practices of the Metzorah!"

In parashat Tazria we are taught that the metzorah, the person who is afflicted with the disease tzah'ra'aht for speaking lashon hara, must rend his clothes. He is also forbidden to cut his hair, must cover his mouth and head, and needs to call out publicly: "Contaminated, contaminated!" In addition, he is isolated from the rest of the community. What are the meanings of these rituals and behaviors, and what impact are they expected to have on gossipers and slanderers?

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Tzav 5767-2007

"Karayt --The Dreaded Heavenly Punishment"

There is nothing more dreaded in the Torah than the punishment of Karayt--excision. The nature of this punishment and upon whom is it visited is a matter of broad dispute among the commentaries, leaving many questions unanswered. The great fear of this punishment, however, brings many to think twice before doing evil.

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