Yom Kippur 5778-2017

“Forgiveness Before Sin”

The Midrashic tradition records a dispute regarding Yom Kippur. Was Yom Kippur established to help the People of Israel gain atonement for the sin of The Golden Calf, or was it given by G-d even before that grievous sin?

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Nitzavim-Rosh Hashana 5776/5777-2016

“Israel’s Charge to Impact on the World”

The actions of the Jewish people impact profoundly not only on Jews themselves, but upon all the nations of the world.

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Tetzaveh 5776-2016

"Feeling the Pain of Others who are in Need"

Just as the Torah instructs the High Priest to wear the Breastplate on his heart, so must each Jew feel the pain of those who are in need.

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Yitro 5776-2016

“Apparently, Not All Converts are Created Equal”

Apparently, not all converts are created equal. Jethro represents the best of all the converts, and serves as a true paradigm for future generations.

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