Tetzaveh 5778-2018

“The Brothers: Moses and Aaron”

The Book of Exodus not only introduces the concept of brotherhood, but provides an extraordinary paradigm of brotherhood through the special relationship of Moses and Aaron.

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Shemot 5778-2017

“The Missing Years in the Life of Moses”

According to most calculations, Moses, the Egyptian prince, was only 20 years old when he was accused of killing an Egyptian and was forced to flee the land of Egypt. He does not return to Egypt until age 80. What happened during the intervening 60 years?

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Devarim 5776-2016

“Moses the Stammerer, Becomes a World-Class Orator"

At the Burning Bush, Moses describes himself as “a stammerer and stutterer.” The book of Deuteronomy testifies, however, that the tongue-tied Moses was apparently transformed into a bold and talented orator, whose words resound throughout the world to this very day.

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