Shelach 5771-2011

"Challah–-All Possessions Are From the L-rd"

Why do the laws regarding idolatry in the Torah follow the portion regarding the mitzvah of “Challah” (giving a portion of dough to the priests)? The Midrash suggests that it comes to teach that fulfilling the mitzvah of Challah serves as a powerful denial of the efficacy of idolatry.

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Tzav 5766-2006

"Zevach Sh'lamim --Learning to Celebrate Life"

Among the varied sacrifices that the ancient Israelites offered, one of the most intriguing was the Zevach Sh'lamim, the Peace offering, that includes the thanksgiving offering. Our sages teach that the thanksgiving offering will never cease, and that the prayers of thanksgiving will never be discontinued. It is the duty of all of humankind to learn how to properly celebrate life, so that we may sufficiently appreciate what we have, and with profound gratitude express how truly great the gifts of our lives are.

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