Vayishlach 5779-2018

“Jacob’s Challenging Life”

Our Patriarch Jacob, lived a life of many challenges. Yet, he never gave up hope and never became bitter. There is much to learn from father Jacob about facing and living with overwhelming adversity.

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Nitzavim-Rosh Hashana 5775/5776-2015

“Standing Firmly Before G-d and Man”

Parashat Nitzavim conveys a very powerful message of mutual responsibility that should resonate with all Jews, especially during the fateful period of the High Holy Days.

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Haazinu-Rosh Hashana 5774-2013

"Jewish Normal, Is Not Very Normal"

We live in remarkable times, anomalous times, times that have no precedent in all of Jewish history. Our current experiences with relative peace and tranquility can hardly be called “Jewish normal.”

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