Balak 5777-2017

“Influencing the Will of G-d”

Balaam seems to be able to influence G-d’s will. Despite G-d’s initial decision not to allow him to go with Balak to curse the Jews, he is eventually allowed to go.

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Balak 5775-2015

“Uncovering the ‘Layers’ in the Biblical Narrative”

Students of the Bible need to be keenly aware of the different levels of study and the subtle messages, as they read the words of scripture.

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Matot-Masei 5773-2013

“Pinchas Avenges the Midianites”

Why is the zealous Pinchas chosen to lead the people of Israel into battle against the Midianites?

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Balak 5772-2012

“Balaam, the Sorcerer, Becomes a Prophet”

When Balaam comes to curse the People of Israel, he arrives as a sorcerer. By the time he departs, he is transformed by G-d into a prophet!

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Matot 5771-2011

“Leadership and its Moral Responsibilities”

Parashat Matot underscores the complexity of Jewish leadership. It is from the episode in this parasha that our rabbis derive the important principle that leaders are to be held responsible for the wrongdoings of the people, for they have the power and authority to protest.

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