Bamidbar 5775-2015

“Finding Value in Every Task”

The Torah and the commentators note that every Levite had a specific task in the Tabernacle. Apparently, it was necessary to convince the Levites who served in the Temple, that each task was of great importance. It is an important lesson that we today would do well to appreciate.

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Naso 5768-2008

"Carrying the Ark"

In parashat Naso we learn that the family of Kehat was required to carry the holiest furnishings of the Tabernacle on their shoulders. This instruction was not merely a recommendation, but a mitzvah that resulted in an unnecessary death in the time of David, when the Ark was mistakenly transported by wagon. It also teaches that the human touch is critical in life, and that technology should not be permitted to replace the always-necessary human relationships with others and with G-d.

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