Vayakhel 5774-2014

“Lip Service is Hardly Enough”

The Torah commentators point to the subtle but profound differences between the charitable giving of the People of Israel to the Golden Calf and their donations of varied materials that were used to build the Tabernacle.

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Naso 5771-2011

"Finding Variety in the Seemingly Identical"

Even though, each day, identical gifts were delivered at the dedication ceremony of the Tabernacle by another of the 12 tribal princes, each prince felt the very special individual significance of his own tribe’s gift.

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Terumah 5767-2007

"G-d's Love Letters"

The "obsessive" focus on the details of the erecting of the Tabernacle often seems overwhelming. In truth, however, these details convey profound messages to us, and should be properly viewed as "love letters" from G-d that are to be found in each verse. They, therefore, need to be studied for a new and profound message each time they are read.

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Vayishlach 5766-2005

"When a Jew Comes to the City"

The arrival of a tribal family to an established culture, is always a challenging experience for the newcomers. When Jacob and his family arrive in Shechem, there are many adjustments that need to be made, both on the part of the new Jewish inhabitants and the native non-Jewish residents.

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