Recommended Passover Reading

Passover… the season of matzah, maror and minding the minutes until you can get away from your family. Not anymore! Shimon Apisdorf’s fantastic Passover Survival Kit is the perfect solution for bringing meaning and movement to every Seder table.


Passover Survival Kit

By Shimon Apisdorf

Shimon Apisdorf draws his readers in with a light, conversational style to his writing: not lecturing to his readers, but rather holding a friendly dialogue with them.

The Passover Survival Kit is a combination of Apisdorf’s survival guide and a Haggadah. The survival guide is for pre-Passover preparation. As all good Jewish books do, it starts with Passover questions such as why four cups of wine, why hide the afikomen, and why is so much time spent cleaning for Passover. The answers to these questions lead into a chapter long discussion about the concept of freedom and how Passover is the Jewish celebration of freedom. The first section of the Passover Survival Kit also contains guidelines for “how to survive the seder” whether you are guest or host, as well as an explanation of the fifteen sections of the seder.

The Passover Survival Kit is also equipped with an enhanced Haggadah. Not only does Apisdorf include the complete Haggadah in English, but also questions and answers, mini-essays and activity suggestions. Apisdorf also clearly marks important seder points with recognizable symbols such as stop signs and question marks. The Haggadah is enlightening for everyone — from the first-time seder participant to someone who has led the seder for the last ten years.

Shimon Apisdorf’s Passover Survival Kit is an essential addition to enhance everyone’s Passover.

Printed by Leviathan Press

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