Count Me In

Try and attend services at the synagogue so you can pray with a minyan, a proper quorum.

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Learn about extraordinary Jews like Rufus Isaacs who distinguished themselves and attained exalted titles that reflected their accomplishments.

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Helping Hand

If you find or inherit a pair of tefillin, reach out to a local rabbi to make sure they are kosher and learn the proper way to put them on.

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Jewish Identity

Research the distinctive backgrounds of those who first came to the U.S. and settled the southwestern United States in states such as New Mexico.

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Think Before You Speak

By virtue of the fact that there is a blessing “Blessed is He who makes strange creatures,” recognize that every human being has a Tzelem Elokim, an imprint of Godliness within them, so…

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Take a Stand

Tragically, there is still much antisemitism in the world. It is our duty to make certain that antisemitism and other forms of baseless bigotry are defeated.

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Lift Them Up

Share a joke or two with a friend or family member going through a rough period to lift their spirits and make them laugh! NJOP will be featuring comedian Elon Gold at our upcoming…

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Midwest Trailblazers

Study the history of Jews who were trailblazers and who made their mark in the Midwest during the 19th century.

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Chremslach (Latkes) Traditional

TraditionalChremslach (Latkes)Yield 10 to 12 Servings Ingredients: 6 to 8 Cooked Potatoes, grated 1 Raw Onion, grated 8……

Community Programs

Community Programs Sorry, we cannot ship to PO Boxes. Receive Rabbi Buchwalds weekly…