Happy 5781 From NJOP

May this Year Usher in the Dawn of Peace and Tranquility

“Kee hinei ka’chomer b’yad ha’yotzer, like the clay in the hand of the potter…”

These are the words that echo on the night of Yom Kippur as part of the stirring liturgy. Notwithstanding all of the trials and tribulations that swirl around us at this time, we still sense, from a place deep inside of us, that it is the Al-mighty to whom we must turn to for our salvation. He is always there, patiently awaiting our repentance, our return.

With the tragic onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we all realize that this last year has been unlike any in memory. No community has escaped unscathed. Virtually every business, including NJOP, has been severely challenged during these trying times. Hopefully, we have learned to approach life with greater humility, with a clearer appreciation that it is not we who are in control, but, rather, the Al-mighty.

That is not to say that we are powerless. To the contrary, we have each been blessed with the freedom to choose and the freedom to grow. It is this freedom and inner creativity that has allowed NJOP to flourish over the past 32, almost 33, years.

As a result, NJOP has received a constant flow of wonderful and uplifting feedback, letting us know how our NJOP programs have given people the opportunity to grow Jewishly.

Click here to read our full letter containing the inspirational stories of Jeff R. and Michael P.

You, our dear supporters, have been there for NJOP through thick and thin. Without you, people like Jeff R. and Michael P. might never have found their way back or their way in. Without you, we might never have taught 250,000 to read Hebrew and welcomed over 1.1 million to SHABBAT ACROSS AMERICA programs.

With your continued partnership and most generous support to help NJOP move forward, we trust that despite these difficult and challenging times, we will together succeed to awaken even more Jews across North America, to inspire them to explore and experience Jewish living and become more actively engaged in Jewish life.

Wishing you a healthy and happy New Year. Shanah Tova.

With best wishes,
Ephraim Z. Buchwald

PS: None of NJOP’s successes would have been possible without your steadfast and exceptionally generous support throughout the years. We trust that you will continue to support NJOP’s vital work going forward.