“Pop psychologists” often like to discuss the power of perspective by referring to the glass half empty verses the glass half full. Alas, it is a common human trait to look for the negative, but those who look for the positive often have a far more enduring legacy.

When the Children of Israel arrived at the border of the Land of Canaan, they wanted to know more about this Promised Land. With the permission of God and Moses, they sent twelve men to scout out the land. Ten of the scouts came back having witnessed a land of bounty, but reported only about the potential dangers they had seen. Two of the scouts reported having seen a beautiful land ripe with promise. And while the Children of Israel were swayed by the voices of fear, in the end, the men who spoke with optimism – Joshua and Caleb – became leaders of the nation. (For more on the narrative of the scouts, click here.)

For the last eight years, amidst a plethora of voices on social media, Jewish Treats has constantly reflected positive, joyous Jewish life. Following the path set by our parent organization, NJOP, and its indefatigable Founder and Director, Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald, Jewish Treats has offered almost 2,000 original “juicy bits of Judaism daily.” And we have loved every minute of it!

On our eighth anniversary, Jewish Treats wants to thank you for your ongoing interest and support. We look forward to sharing more tantalizing treats, and encourage you to share them with your friends and family. 

Note from the Director:NJOP thanks the remarkable woman behind Jewish Treats, Sarah Rochel Hewitt.

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