Nitzavim-Vayeilech 5767-2007

"The Choosing People"

According to Dr. Yisrael Eldad, the greatest of all the blessings bestowed on humankind is the ability, highlighted in parashat Nitzavim, to choose. This is what gives meaning to human life and elevates it above all other creations. It is not so much how we make our living that determines our worth. It is how we live our lives that has the power to render us to be of infinite value.

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Balak 5765-2005

"Bilaam, Prophet to the Nations"

The Midrash says that G-d gave the gentile nations a prophet of the stature of Bilaam so that the nations would not be able to say, "If we had a prophet, we would be as righteous as Israel." Instead of leading his people to good, Bilaam led the people to evil and corruption. But is it truly Bilaam and others like him who fail, or is it the failure of the Jews to provide a proper role model?

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