Re’eh 5766-2006

"Adding or Subtracting"

In parashat Re'eh, we learn of the prohibition of adding or subtracting from the Torah. Any attempt to manipulate the Biblical text would imply that the Commandments are imperfect or irrelevant. And yet, rabbis throughout the ages built fences around the mitzvot and added festivals and observances. How can that be justified?

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Terumah-Purim 5760-2000

"The Mishkan: Underscoring the Centrality of the Home in Jewish Life"

The Mishkan--the Tabernacle--is very much like a home, and has all the furnishings that are found in a home. The fact that our synagogue is called a Beit Kinesset, a house of coming together, underscores the importance of the home. Unless our homes serve as dwelling places for G-d, there will be little chance that our religion will be effectively communicated in our synagogues or in our temples.

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