Tetzaveh 5779-2019

“Clothes: A Reflection of the Divine Image”
(Revised and updated from Tetzaveh 5760-2000)

Clothes play an important role in Judaism and in Jewish tradition. After all, the Al-mighty was the “First Designer” of clothes for Adam and Eve. The clothes that the priests wore, not only invested them with sanctity, but also represented the values that the priests were trying to communicate to the people.

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Tetzaveh 5774-2014

“The Choshen–the Breastplate of the High Priest”

The twelve precious stones of the Ephod, represented the unique qualities of each of the twelve tribes.

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Pekudei 5771-2011

"The Meaning of the Priestly Vestments"

Not only do each of the eight priestly vestments have profound symbolic meanings, but even the way the garments are worn is meant to convey a life lesson to the priests and the people whom they serve.

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Tetzaveh 5771-2011

"Do Clothes Make The Man?"

Just as the ancient priests, who served in the Temple, wore special vestments, so should every Jew be dressed in a special way, to reflect their spiritual roles as servants of the Al-mighty.

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Tetzaveh 5768-2008

"Clothes Make the Person"

The Talmud teaches that priests could not officiate if they were not attired in their priestly vestments. Should garments make a difference in how we value people?

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Tetzaveh 5767-2007

"Details, Details and More Details"

The overwhelming emphasis on detail continues in Parashat Tetzaveh, reopening the ongoing debate of "form" and "function." While all agree that function is preeminent, many emphasize that form is meant to help improve function, raise intensity during prayer and worship and enhance the awareness of Sanctity.

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Tetzaveh 5764-2004

"Keeping the Priests Humble"

The detailed description of the priestly garments, reflects lives thoroughly devoted to the service of G-d. While their vestments are royal and holy, they are, in essence, quite humbling, connoting accountability and responsibility. The sanctity and complexity of the priestly garments, reveal the multifaceted nature of the priests' lives, that are at once privileged and charged with awesome responsibility.

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