Devarim 5773-2013

"The Price of Disunity"

Disunity among the people most often leads to a complete breakdown of society, an absence of moral awareness and concern, and, ultimately, to utter destruction.

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Va’eira 5767-2007

"Even a Hardened Heart has a Silver Lining"

The fact that G-d hardens the heart of Pharaoh presents many theological issues, but what is often overlooked is that as a result of Pharaoh hardening his heart, the Jews achieved full liberation from Egypt, rather than to go out to the wilderness, worship G-d there for three days and have to return to Egypt.

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Behar-Bechukotai 5766-2006

"The Economics of Torah"

In parashat Bechukotai we learn of the obligation to bring the Second Tithes as well as Animal Tithes to Jerusalem. Why Jerusalem? Since Jerusalem served as the center of Jewish religious and educational life, it needed to be properly supported. It was also the Torah's way of engaging farmers, from distant communities, in the study of Torah when they visited Jerusalem to bring their tithes.

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