Chukat 5778-2018

"The People of Israel are Taught to be More Independent"

Miriam and Aaron have passed away. Moses will soon pass as well. The people must begin to adjust to a more natural lifestyle, rather than the supernatural life they lived during the 40 years in the wilderness.

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Emor 5777-2017

“Communicating a Vital Message Clearly”

The Torah prohibits the priests from performing the one mitzvah--burying the dead, that seems so natural for them.

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Acharei Mot 5776-2016

“Never Give Up Hope"

The Torah boldly declares that the Al-mighty dwells amidst His people Israel even amidst their impurity. Like G-d, we must never give up hope on anyone.

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Passover 5773-2013

“Remembering the Exodus From Egypt”

The phrase “to remember the Exodus from Egypt” seems to appear everywhere one looks in Jewish life. Remembering the Exodus from Egypt is indeed a fundamental principle of Jewish life with abundant implications and ramifications.

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Tazria-Metzorah 5769-2009

"And He Shall be Brought to the Priest"

The expression, "And he shall be brought to the priest" is repeated in each of this week's double parashiot, Tazria and Metzora. This recurring phrase is explained by various commentators as having important contemporary implications and bearing vital lessons for both Israel and American society.

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Tazria 5765-2005

"Some Important Lessons That We Learn from the Ancient Biblical Tzara'at"

The laws of the Biblical disease, tzara'at, are complex, and seem rather irrelevant. By surveying the nuances of the text in parashat Tazria we learn many profound messages about judging others favorably, healing ourselves and coming closer to G-d.

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