Vayeilech-Yom Kippur 5776-2015

“Living a Truly Meaningful Life”

On the final day of his life, Moses teaches all of humankind how to live a truly meaningful life.

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Noah 5774-2013

"Making a Name for Ourselves"

The narrative of the Tower of Babel represents a profound protest against human hubris and over-confidence.

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Passover 5771-2011

“At the Passover Seder We Are All Children”

Children play a central part in the Passover story. The Passover seder is therefore designed to serve as a communal learning experience where everyone is regarded as a child and a student.

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Balak 5761-2001

"Words of Eternal Truth from the Evil Prophet Bilaam"

Despite Bilaam's best efforts, his prophecies turn into blessings. While Balak, the king of Moab, is terribly disappointed with Bilaam's words, Bilaam's prophecies actually contain amazing and enduring insights into the nature of the Jewish People.

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