B’ha’a’lot’cha 5775-2015

“Hubris Revisited”

Despite reaching the highest level of spirituality, Aaron, the High Priest of Israel, did not allow success to go to his head, remaining the same modest person that he was before his distinguished appointment to the High Priesthood.

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Eikev 5774-2014

“No Reason to Glory!”

In parashat Eikev, the Torah warns the People of Israel not to glory in the success of their battles or their economic success. It is a most relevant message for contemporary times.

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Noah 5774-2013

"Making a Name for Ourselves"

The narrative of the Tower of Babel represents a profound protest against human hubris and over-confidence.

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Tazria-Metzorah 5770-2010

"The Human Animal"

The rabbis are perplexed as to why the laws of childbirth follow the laws of kosher and non-kosher animals. Shouldn’t laws pertaining to humans come first?

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