Behar-Bechukotai 5773-2013

"The Value of a Woman"

As one would expect, in parashat Bechukotai, there is much discussion and controversy regarding the concept of valuing human beings, especially concerning the lower level at which women are valued.

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Shoftim 5772-2012

“The Haughty Heart”

Despite his unchallenged right to honor, the Israelite king is instructed by the Torah to never be haughty. The rabbis and commentators have much to say about hubris and self-aggrandizement regarding the common person as well.

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Acharei Mot-Kedoshim 5772-2012

"Respect for Elders"

Our rabbis suggest that according filial respect and honoring elders are the fundamental building blocks of a healthy society, without which the world would soon revert to a state of chaos.

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Chayei Sarah 5769-2008

"Mourning and Eulogizing"

In parashat Chayei Sarah, Abraham comes to eulogize Sarah and to weep for her. What is the purpose of a eulogy? Who is it meant to honor, and what is it expected to achieve?

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