Noah 5772-2011

“Who is Canaan and Why is He Cursed?”

Who was Canaan and why was he so profoundly cursed by his grandfather Noah?

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Noah 5771-2010

“Man’s Struggle with Evil”

In parashat Noah we learn much about man’s struggle with evil. Furthermore, there are quite a few unexpected similarities between the times of Noah and contemporary times.

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Noah 5767-2006

The Curse of Ham; The Blessing of Shem and Yafet"

The books of the Torah are filled with superb narratives, each one surpassing the next. The story of the flood is followed by the story of Noah planting a vineyard, resulting in the curse of his son, Ham, along with Noah's grandson, Canaan, and the blessing of Noah's sons, Shem and Yafet. What is the meaning of the blessing of Yafet, and how is it meant to impact on Shem's descendants--the Jewish people?

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