Shelach 5773-2013

"Tzitzit: The Unpretentious Mitzvah"

Tzitzit, the mitzvah of wearing fringes on four-cornered garments, has many facets and multiple contemporary implications.

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Pekudei 5771-2011

"The Meaning of the Priestly Vestments"

Not only do each of the eight priestly vestments have profound symbolic meanings, but even the way the garments are worn is meant to convey a life lesson to the priests and the people whom they serve.

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Tetzaveh 5760-2000

"Clothes: A Reflection of the Divine Image"

Clothes play an important role in Judaism and in Jewish tradition. After all, the Al-mighty was the first designer of clothes for Adam and Eve. The clothes that the priests wore not only invested them with sanctity, but also represented the values that the priests were trying to communicate to the people.

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