Bamidbar 5770-2010

"The Meaning of the Wilderness"

The midbar-wilderness, is a dry and abandoned location, a place where the Divine presence of G-d appears to be absent. Yet, the very opposite is true! G-d is close and extremely accessible even in the most remote places and circumstances!

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v’Zot Habracha-Simchat Torah 5770-2009

"The Confluence of v'Zot Habracha and the Holiday"

There is a strong connection between the festival of Simchat Torah and parashat v'Zot Habrachah. It is in this parasha that Moses proclaims that the Torah that Moses commanded to us is the heritage of the congregation of Jacob. What is the difference between a "heritage" and an "inheritance," and how is this distinction transmitted through the celebration of Simchat Torah?

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Simchat Torah 5767-2006

"The Evolving Holiday"

One of the most joyous days of the Jewish calendar, Simchat Torah, as it is celebrated today, is a relatively new holiday that became popular in the Middle Ages around the 14th century. The customs and rituals of this holiday have interesting origins, and, in fact, seem to still be evolving and developing in contemporary times.

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